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Why Has Oxycontin Become a Street Drug?

Oxycontin is usually a type of Oxycodone that’s offered as a time released pain killer. The drug is classified as a Schedule II Controlled Substance as a result of the large chance for dependence on the drug. While the drug will only be available by doctor’s prescription, it is now increasingly more available on the streets for addicts to purchase from illegal sales.

Although Oxycontin is a time release substance built to be ingested whole, addicts will break or chew up the pill to get around the time release. Once the tablet is mashed, it is snorted through the nose, like cocaine. The drug is usually diluted in water and inserted into the veins too. These techniques of modifying the tablet cause faster, more intense highs.

After a while, your body will build up a limit to the substance, making it necessary for addicts to up the amount to acquire the high feeling. Developing a tolerance to the drug is extremely risky because as soon as the drug is taken in increased doses, the likelihood of overdosing rise. Because Oxycontin depresses the central nervous system, overdoses will shut down the respiratory system and lead to future death if they are not dealt with promptly. Other symptoms of Oxycontin overdose include: convulsions, coma, and confusion, loss of consciousness, breathlessness and vomiting.

Oxycontin has turned into a street drug due to a lot of users seeking illegal ways of getting the doctor prescribed substance. When doctors refuse to prescribe additional tablets after realizing that his or her patients are abusing the drug, addicts are left dealing with withdrawal and may pay out higher prices to obtain the pills on the street.

In order for the drug to be found on the street, there must be a way in which the dealers obtain the pills. There were cases reported where pharmacists have taken pills from the pharmacies and distributed them to agents to make money. In other cases, young people have raided their parent’s medicine cabinets and sold the leftover prescription pills for cash too. These two steps cause Oxycontin being available as a street drug.

Fighting an oxycontin dependency absolutely requires the aid of a detox facility due to severe withdrawals which you encounter as the drug exits your system. One user referred to the withdrawal saying that he felt like his skin was burning and his bones were melting. This alone shows that the drug is capable of addiction. A drug addict will neglect regions of his life to take the drug, including lying and robbing.

Detox is the greatest answer for weaning your self off of oxycontin. By permitting your physician to regulate your dosages until the dosage will become minimal and at last ceases, you are relinquishing control but battling your addiction as well. After the drug is out of your system, treatment in the form of rehab will probably be required; or else the probability of relapse significantly increase. Since the drug is capable of destroying your life, the quicker you have support, the sooner you may proceed with your life.

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