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The ‘Periodic’ Alcoholic

There are various different types of alcoholics nowadays. There are the ‘Functioning’ alcoholics, often the business people of corporate America who drink to drown their strains but are able to keep fulfilling work. There are the ‘Falling down useless’ alcoholics who drink so much each and every day which they don’t even sound right in their conversation or their activities a lot of the time. And then there is the ‘Periodic’ alcohol. The ‘Periodic’ alcohol is among the most frightening alcoholics of all.

‘Periodic’ alcoholics may also be referred to as ‘binge’ alcoholics or ‘bingers.’ These are the alcoholics that show alcoholic behaviors and actions for specific periods of time but then clean up their act for another extended amount of time in which they’re able to influence a large amount of people that they do not have a drinking problem. And although they might not be drinking, they still have that alcoholic switch just waiting to be stimulated and cause havoc.

A ‘occasional’ alcoholic can easily fool you into thinking they are secure and together as they can go months if not over a year without touching just one drop of alcohol. They can appear totally in control, and then they’ll begin drinking. And because they refrain from alcohol for so long, they often lose complete control-once they finally do start drinking again that may end up in a number of the worst alcoholic behaviors and incidents possible.

The ‘periodic’ alcoholic isn’t someone who has realized sobriety but sometimes relapses. A regular alcoholic for the most part, does not think they’re alcoholic. It’s maybe not unusual to get a periodic to go months without incident and then just take one drink. Any particular one drink allows the alcoholism loose again for however long it lasts. A ‘occasional’ alcoholic remains a complete alcoholic until they do the task to reach steady sobriety and stay in sobriety.

The ‘regular’ alcohol may be very dangerous to themselves and the others because when they drink they drink in great amounts that severely affect their capability to function. As oppose to some ‘functioning’ alcoholic who frequently gets moderately drunk then sobers up to function, a ‘periodic’ alcoholic can drink themselves into stupors, unconsciousness, and occasionally even into death. ‘Periodic’ alcoholics usually drink such high amounts that they:

* Become severe

* Make dangerous

* Cause injuries

* Suffer alcohol poisoning

* Suffer liver failure

* Asphyxiate on their own vomit, being too drunk to wake-up and release

The ‘Periodic’ alcohol is just a danger to themselves and others. Although they might appear perfectly healthy and normal to numerous people around them, a ‘occasional’ alcoholic can be quite a ticking time bomb to the next episode of extreme drinking.

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