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The Necessity for Alcohol Abuse Info

Today we are facing an ever growing facet in society of undereducated teenagers. Perhaps not uneducated in the sense that they get bad grades But ignorant in the arena of alcohol and drug abuse. The information is out there, but there seem to be a lack of alcohol and drug abuse classes that are correctly structured for the appropriate age groups.

Around the approximate age of eleven, kids are subjected to the DARE program which introduces them to the dangers of alcohol and other drugs. This program is a good way to start an education on alchol abuse information. But in order to be effective, the same type of education must continue throughout the teenage years. Too many young adults have used the D.A.R.E. program as a gateway into learning which drugs and alcohol they would like to try. While this program may deter kids from drug or alcohol abuse in the beginning, if they are not required to continue an education in alcohol abuse information throughout their teenage years, they run the risk of forgetting the realities of abusing alcohol or drugs. They may then use the alcohol abuse information they gained earlier on to locate these substances and unknowingly abuse them.

Therefore junior high and high school curriculums in the U.S. should be looked at closely to determine if they include substantial classes on alcohol or drug abuse. Students should be encouraged to take these classes at least once throughout their time in middle school and high school. In addition to classes on the dangers of abuse, young adults should be offered the opportunity to take classes on drug and alcohol counseling. This way they will not be bombarded with all the negativities of drugs and alcohol, but given a chance to see the positivity of helping those who do have a drug or alcohol problem.

In our current society with an constantly growing population and troubled economy, it is more important than ever to give every young adult a proper education. But budget cuts and closing schools are making that nearly impossible. We as a country must realize that we cannot sit back and expect big brother to fix this problem for us. We must be proactive. If you care about this problem, please attend city counsel meetings and speak up. Starting local is the only way to solve this problem. But also write to your congressman and propose your ideas for new ways of educating teenagers with alcohol abuse info. If no one continues to voice concerns about this issue it could easily be put aside due to other problems we are facing. But this is an issue that need to be kept on the forefront because if drug and alcohol abuse continue to rise among young adults, it will undoubtedly escalate problems our society is already facing.

Together we can make a difference in giving the young adults of our nation a better chance at understanding the dangers of drugs, alcohol, and it’s abuse. We will also be opening their eyes to new opportunities and ideas for helping their peers who do abuse or face addictions with drugs and alcohol. We must let these kids know they have a chance. They are not alone. And they, even at a young age, can make a difference in the lives around them by becoming educated and practicing what they learn.

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