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The Kennedy Family Life – Long Struggle with Alcohol

The Kennedy household has remained probably the most prominent households over the past several years. One of the many reasons they are well-known, apart from governmental reasons and overwhelming fatalities is usually that alcohol remains to be a battle for the household. Regardless that Ted Kennedy passed in 2009, his family struggle with liquor also continues to be a concern as it’s continuing in his child.

Ted Kennedy was generally expressive pertaining to his being addicted alcohol consumption although his very first wife, Joan fought to keep hers out of the headlines. Even though he was an alcoholic, he declined to let alcohol dependency define him, overcoming the habit to be described as a prosperous politician. Far more devastating on the family, is the fact that their son, Patrick Kennedy, struggles with alcohol and addiction issues. Within and out of rehabilitation, Patrick’s fight with alcohol dependency along with drug use persists the Kennedy Family’s struggle with preserving sobriety.

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