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The Bridge that Connects Alcohol Addiction and Drug Rehab Center

Try going to a drug rehab center or try knowing someone who is taking illegal drugs. If you try asking over a drug rehab center administration and try asking some factors common to people within a drug rehab center or try asking a couple of people who are taking illegal drugs and see patterns common on them, you will most likely come across that the taking of illegal drugs came from getting themselves first into alcohol addiction.

Alcohol is a kind of depressant that weakens the central nervous system. There are two different phases on the brain once a person reaches alcohol intoxication. When people take in alcohol in low doses, one gets less reserved. They feel more calmed down, more self-assured, and in a little euphoria. However, when you start taking large amounts of alcohol, its effects bring on many similarities with having depression. This includes low levels of energy, exhaustion, sleeping disturbances, a depressed mood, and diminishing of motivations.

There are many dangers that alcohol addiction brings. Alcohol can result in death especially when taken in heavy dosage. One- third of deaths in the United States are a consequence of respiratory paralysis. This respiratory paralysis is the result from a ending large dose of alcohol from someone who is already drunk. On the other hand, driving under the influence of alcohol is the reason for most deaths as provided by statistics. As an addition, more than half of all murders have culprits and victims who are intoxicated.

Alcohol addiction is not considered as an illness is most societies with the belief that alcohol is almost always part of cultures and traditions. This is part of the reason why alcohol users continue to drink in the face of problems of alcohol effects because there is no problem whether they will be accepted or not. And as the saying goes, one thing leads to another.

According to studies, when an individual starts drinking alcohol and decided that he or she has liked the effect it gives off, he or she would drink again sooner. This drinking again would now be never ending and most of the time being made with group of friends. According to sociology, when one is in a group he or she is likely to do outrageous things as compared to when he or she is alone. The probability then of using drugs is high especially among the youth.

An interview was done on a person who has a history of alcohol addiction followed by drug addiction. This is what that person said on the interview, “It was easier for me to try taking drugs after being so addicted to alcohol. In my mind, I was saying I had all experienced the effects of alcohol that taking drugs I think is so elementary. There seems to be only little qualms whether I want try drugs or not that taking drugs was the choice I took. I also have friends who started taking alcohol followed by taking drugs.”

We are all aware of the fact that taking alcohol distorts our way of taking and in result impairs our judgment. The first time you want to try drugs, think really hard. It is always better to be safe than sorry. It is always right to be safe than sorry. So, the next time you try that glass of alcohol, try thinking about your future.

There is a close connection between alcohol addiction and drug rehab center because alcohol addiction is almost always followed by drug addiction.

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