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SMAST: Short Michigan Alcoholism Screening Test

SMAST is usually the acronym meant for Short Michigan Alcoholism Screening Test. The exam is usually identified as 1 doable way of detecting a prospective alcohol issue. The exam includes a group of questions relating to the way of life of the person that drinks. Produced to be taken by the drinker, the exam guides queries in a yes or no structure. With respect to the replies which have been furnished by the taker, a ranking will be assessed at the end of the exam. A rating of 0-2 means that virtually no issues are found, a score of 3 suggests that a few difficulties could exist and a ranking of 4 or more reveals signs of major alcohol problems.

The exam is available and can be taken at nearby therapy services as well as online. A basic google search will produce a number of variations of the exam. Be honest with your responses or else you won’t get an correct examination. When you have responded to the yes or no queries, a rating strategy is available after the exam that will help you discover your volume of danger.

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