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Methamphetamine Crystal

Crystal Meth

One kind of psycho-stimulant drug that can give negative effects on the body once dependence sets in is methamphetamine crystal. Crytal meth as it is often called is composed of chemicals such as n-methyl-1-phenyl-propan-2-amine. It is in crystal form, hence the name. It has an odorless and colorless characteristic. It can be of any size that that can look like a piece of rock. Methamphetamine crystal is a purer form of n-methyl-1-phenyl-propan-2-amine. This purer form produces more lasting and more intense effects on the body as compared to its other forms.

The proper use for this drug  is for treating individuals of extreme obesity. It is also use as a treatment for individuals who have Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder, narcolepsy, and depression. Nowadays, it is a sad fact that the drug is utilized so much by individuals for the feeling of “high” it offers. Most of the time, methamphetamine crystal is used by manner of smoking with use of pipes. Once dissolved in water, it can also be injected to the body. It can also be swallowed.

There are many different effects methamphetamine crystal can give. It can give physical and psychological effects on a person who utilizes crystal meth. The physical effects methamphetamine crystal can give includes the walls of the arteries constricting, sweating excessively, pupils dilating, mouth drying, head aching, blood pressure raising or lowering, diarrhea, constipation, blurred sense of vision, and decreased amount of sleep. On the other hand, its psychological effects include paranoia, getting euphoric, anxiety, increased in self -esteem and self- confidence, increases sociability, having an increased in sexual desire, and getting all alert and concentrated.

Crystal has already been discussed as having addictive properties. With its addictive properties, once utilized, it can create tolerance. How does it create tolerance in the body? It all starts when a person tries meth crystal and with the admission that he or she was able to like the effects it has given to him or her would use it again on a closer time. A time would come that after the few moments of using crystal meth, the effects that were liked would not anymore show. There is now tolerance in the body with the use of crystal meth. The body requires that you take in a larger amount to attain the desired effects. This would go on and on, increased use of crystal meth.

There is difficulty in stopping the use of cocaine once a person has tried it. Ending the use of crystal meth would give the user withdrawal symptoms. Withdrawal symptoms of methamphetamine crystal include too much increase in appetite and the need to sleep and even worse, it can get one into depression. While anxiously craving for the drug, these withdrawal symptoms are experienced.

Since the use of crystal methamphetamine has proven to be very dangerous, it is necessary that we do something to help crystal meth addicts. One of the most important associations that came about in the society was the start of CMA or Crystal Meth Anonymous. Crystal Meth Anonymous is an organization of non- profit objectives that work towards helping methamphetamine crystal addicts to recover from their addiction. It helps by utilizing the all popular twelve step programs that helps any kind of addicts recover. This kind of organization engages every methamphetamine crystal addicts to completely abstain from crystal meth and any other kind of dangerous substance. CMA has been proven effective. Statistics have shown that more than half of crystal meth users who joined CMA have fully recovered.


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