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Marijuana Addiction

Marijuana or cannabis is a herb whose foliage, stalks, blossoms and seed-stock are smoked to provide a euphoric high. Unlike cigarettes created from tobacco which contain nicotine, an addictive chemical, marijuana does not naturally possess chemical components making it physically habit-forming to users. Users are actually in the position to put it down and walk away when they really want.

On the other hand, although virtually no physical habit takes place, like quite a few harmful drugs, the usage of cannabis might be habit-forming. Individuals that regularly use it to unwind or even manage the issues in their life can be dependent upon it in this way. As soon as distressed or perhaps troubled and when unable to smoking cannabis, they may become substantially more distressed in addition to troubled, sometimes hostile. Nonetheless, it is just a significantly less a physical reaction than an emotional or psychological one that they are enduring. These individuals may require counseling to determine to face daily life without using pot.

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