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Jimmy k

“Jimmy K” was born James Patrick Kinnon. A Scottish immigrant, Jimmy once had goals of entering into the priesthood nevertheless his effort with drugs and alcohol derailed his dreams. By 1950 and using the help of the 12-step program Alcoholics Anonymous (AA), Jimmy ended up being in a position to defeat his being addicted to alcohol. The program however discouraged individuals from talking over addictive problems to virtually any additional drugs. Jimmy became aware by meeting up with others who also had addictions for some other chemicals, there were no comparable programs to guide these people.

Together with the permission of AA, Jimmy adapted the 12 step program and co-founded Narcotics Anonymous. The group offers help to those people fighting drugs additions. While using the 12 steps of recovery and depending on the rule of privacy, people get together to share their particular testimonies, comprehend their own addiction as well as assist each other in getting clean. Jimmy K perished in 1985 and stayed clean for the last 35 years of his existence.

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