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How to Find a Meeting

Whether you are the initial attendee or searching for a meeting from a completely new location, there are lots of methods to find a neighborhood meeting for help and support.

There is lots of convenience involved with support meetings, so they really may not be as commonly brought up by folks as other things. Many group meetings do promote with newsprint or with brochures. The online world is an additional valuable tool for finding group meetings. Often the telephone book can be helpful. Alcoholics Anonymous could well be a single listing to utilise for information regarding meetings.

Occasionally group facilities and places of worship should have information and facts or hold meetings. An area hospital might be able to offer info on meetings or perhaps who to contact concerning acquiring them.

Neighborhood drug and alcohol abuse or rehabilitation treatment centers might also have meeting info or perhaps qualified to direct you to the precise area to telephone. Make sure you find out if they have the most up-to-date area plus point in time info possible since in some cases meetings can change area or even time for a various causes.

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