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How a 12 Step Campus Indirectly Changed My Life

While going to college I have seen first hand how a twelve step campus can affect someone. While not an addict myself, I have addicts in my family, and my group of friends. One very close friend of mine decided to try a 12 step programon campus three months ago and the results have been extraordinary. She has made a commitment to herself, and surrendered her pride to a higher power alongside a group of supporters. By doing so, she is able to stay in control one day at a time. The anonymous group for students she is a member of makes her feel able to stand tall in tough situations where her addiction could normally get the better of her. Within ninety days she has rebuilt her metabolism, her energy level, her exercise pattern, and most of all, her enjoyment of life. She writes in her book every night after doing her homework and before going to sleep, about the ways in which she grew that day. She calls her sponsor at 7 a.m. every morning before class to talk about her plan for the day. The amount of resolve she has to this 12 step school of thought is admirable and makes me wonder what I’m missing out on. I claim no dangerous habits of my own, but is that the truth?

Her newfound pattern of life brings me to question my own habits while living on campus. I started to think that there may be an area or two in my life that could use some maintenance. I decided to do some research. What I found quite shocked me. There is literally a anonymous group at my school for nearly everything! From online gaming to workaholics! And if there isn’t one, then surely it could be brought up with the student counsel and arranged. I have yet to figure out which program would be right for me. I think sometimes it may be an anger management program, or procrastinators anonymous. If there is a 12 step program for manic depressiveness, that would certainly be my place to be. But I’m curious to know if a bunch of us manic depressives gather twelve times a month in the same place, would their cycles align? I can see it now. One month everyone in the room is ready to lay down and die, and then next week we decide to throw a party with a banner that says, “Nothing Can Stop Us!!!!” I don’t know. There are certainly things that I can improve on, and maybe I need some sort of intervention to find out what they are. I suppose that if the problem is big enough, it will find me. But until then I continue to draw inspiration from watching this brave college student improve her life one day at a time.

But as well as making me question my own habits, her new ways have been rubbing off on me Because she is not only my friend, but my soon to be fiancé, and we happen to live together, her lifestyle has a profound effect on my own and we tend to feed off each other’s habits. In this case, because her lifestyle has changed for the positive and I am entirely supportive, I no longer drink as much. All said and done, I have an enormous respect for my college for providing 12 step programs to help people overcome the things they do not have the strength to overcome alone. I have seen first hand the light that can shine as a result.

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