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Getting To Know Co Occurring Rehab

One of the disorders that is not very popular is called co occurring disorder. Despite its unpopularity, co occurring disorder is a very serious problem. Just what do we mean when we say co occurring disorder? Co occurring disorder is a state where in a person has an alcohol or a drug problem while also having an emotional or psychiatric problem.

Is it really possible for two disorders to co occur? How? Most of the time, people who has an alcohol problem has a huge probability to develop an emotional or psychiatric problem. It can also be that a person who has an emotional or psychiatric problem would be more likely to develop an alcohol or drug problem. The possibility of this kind of disorder to happen has lead specialist to propose several hypothesis.

One of the theories that attempt to explain this co-occurring disorder is called the supersensitivity theory. Supersentivity theory explains the makings of co occurring disorder by explaining that individual with severe mental illness who has vulnerabilities either psychological or biological can be an outcome of an acquiring of a psychological disorder with these vulnerabilities as being caused by the genes or the environment of the individual. Drug treatment has always been a requirement to handle this kind of disorder. It is a common fact that in the long run, an individual’s body would form a tolerance from this drug which would then result to addiction.

There are types of substances that can lead to acquiring a mental illness. This is proposed by another type of theory. An example of which is the drug cannabis. The usage of the drug cannabis is known to have psychotic effects and has proofs of causal links. There is also the so called multiple risk factor theory. Multiple risk factor theory explains that there are hazardous factors that lead to acquiring dual diagnosis. Examples of these hazardous factors are connection with people who uses drugs, loneliness and poverty.

There can be problems when co -occurring disorder is left untreated. What could happen? It could be dangerous because co occurring disorder when left untreated can become an endless cycle that could have a big negative impact on your life. So, what is the next best thing to do when diagnosed with a co-occurring disorder? Go for a Co occurring rehab.

What is a co-occuring rehab? How does it help someone having a co occurring disorder? Co occurring rehab helps an individual with a co occurring disorder to successfully recover. What is in store for you in this so called co occurring rehab? Although co-occurring rehab is not yet well established, specialists had suggested that it is important to treat both disorders as joining together and not separately. Actually, there are prescriptions that are proven to be effective for co-occurring disorder. Opioid replacement therapies or naltrexone) and clozapine are examples of this kind of medication.

Finding a co-occurring rehab center is one of the main problems of having a co occurring disorder. Most rehab centers only cater to one kind of disorder. A treatment center that caters to the problem of substance abuse refuses to accept someone with serious mental conditions. On the other hand, treatment centers that aids for the recovery of people with serious mental conditions is not skilled in dealing with people who is afflicted with substance abuse. Despite problems of co-occurring rehab centers, there are still specialists out there who are always willing to help you recover from this kind of disorder. Never have qualms in looking for help. It is always up to you.

Although co occurring rehab is tackling certain problems, this does not impedes your chance of recovery.

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