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Eating Disorders and Drug Addiction

Research indicates that there’s a strong link between eating disorders along with drug abuse. These kinds of research additionally demonstrate that those patients affected by critical instances of eating disorders might also resort to drug addiction to aid preserve his or her eating disorder. For instance, take an anorexic girl who may be struggling with image challenges. Using stimulants such as cocaine will assist to keep the woman’s excess fat off due to the fact among the many side-effects connected with cocaine can be fat reduction.

Due to the fact eating disorders really are a mental ailment, people who have problems with eating disorders along with drug addictions must be handled for both conditions together. There is not any definite structure in regards to the diseases and subsequent addictive problems. The actual craving is often a reaction to the condition or perhaps the other way round. It really is up to the therapist to pick out the best course of action for a person with co-occurring issues. Managing both health issues all at once is termed dual diagnosis.

Even so, it is not rare for psychiatrists to miss the partnership relating to the eating disorders plus drug abuse. In the event the connection is not recognized, the sufferer will likely be treated for just one problem however, not the other. When this scenario arises, it is very feasible for the client to backslide once therapy with regard to just one disorder ends. Thankfully, much more awareness is being unveiled in the populace in regards to the risks of eating disorders and the harmful addictions which may follow for that reason. Nonetheless, assuming that the press portrays attractiveness as being not less than 5’7 and less than 115 lbs, young ladies will continue to suffer from self-image issues.

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