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Drug Abuse and HIV

There is simply a direct link between drug use and HIV. Swapping needles in substance use will increase, substantially, the chance for being infected with Human immunodeficiency virus. Human immunodeficiency virus is not merely developed as a result of unprotected sex, it truly is distributed via body fluids for example, the exchange that takes place as soon as needles are shared.

The most popular drug linked to HIV can be heroin. Users typically make use of the drug by means of intravenous means, signifying they often use needles to help get the substance into their system by administered it into their veins. As soon as these needles are shared, a variety of things can possibly be passed, including HIV.

Many heroin users inject heroin with others, which often contribute to the frequency of needles remaining shared. That’s why some neighborhood programs provide users with brand new needles-to help lessen the spread of HIV. The perfect community program to utilize, even so, is usually a rehabilitation as well as treatment plan to get off of heroin and into recovery from heroin addiction.

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