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Changing Addictions in Recovery

One of the issues that we frequently notice in recovery is people switching addictions in recovery. It’s very common for somebody in recovery for one addiction to get another sort of addiction in the recovery method. Why? Addictive action is often used to help alleviate anxiety and worry.

Those people who are hooked on alcohol frequently do so because alcohol helps them to avoid the anxiety and strain in their lives. Take that dependency away, and they might not learn how to manage pressure and anxiety without some other type of addictive activity.

People in rehab and recovery are taught to handle that anxiety and pressure in healthier ways. Regrettably, many people simply are not ready for that sort of change, are not ready to be open for it.

That person who was addicted to alcohol to cope with anxiety and stress goes through therapy and kicks that dependence, only to are addicted to cigarettes. For some individuals, it isn’t feasible to cope with everything they feel without some sort of addictive action.

In a manner, switching addictions in healing can be viewed as a relapse based on the circumstance. A backslide is a slip in healing. In healing, individuals function to alter their life styles to combat unhealthy habits and addictions. Simply changing from dependence to another is not supportive of a healthy and fresh lifestyle that those in recovery must be attempting to achieve.

Obviously, some cases are worse than others. Someone going from alcoholism to smoke addiction is not a desired situation, but it really is not terrible. Nevertheless, someone heading from heroin dependence on alcoholism is a significant difficulty.

It is frequently recommended for those in recovery from medicine addictions to not start consuming alcohol for this reason. Alcohol can be an addictive substance if mistreated and particularly if the man abusing has an addictive persona and addictive traits. If they are in a transition phase between an addiction and are in early recovery, the intro of an addictive substance like alcohol is very likely to cause the development of an entirely new habit.

Sadly, switching habit in recovery is very common. As opposed to facing the first addiction, performing the required work to access recovery, overcome the addiction, and work to remain in recovery, many individuals just pick an alternate compound to meet their need for addictive actions and outcomes.

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