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Boston Medical Malpractice Case 2011

Earlier this year in March 2011, a physician and also nurse practitioner from Needham, MA ended up being arrested with regard to purportedly furnishing and giving out prescription drugs to recognized drug addicts to make money. In the case with the medical doctor and nurse practitioner it had become learned that these people distributed unnecessary painkillers to the junkies in return for money and insurance payments. This specific alleged circulation and selling seems to lead back so far as 03. This specific supposed negligence could have prompted the demise regarding six people in the recent past and as many as a 12 or so from 2003 on.

It’s depressing to consider that a health practitioner that needs an pledge to save lives will give into money over ideals. The doctor and practitioner knew totally clearly that the men and women they distributed cocaine along with other medications to used to be addicts. The physician and practitioner were likewise supposedly aware that the same drugs might be resold throughout the city to other men and women. Although the medical doctor and nurse practitioner are already arrested for conspiracy to illicitly dispense controlled substances, it is not yet determined if any further charges are going to be brought.

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