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Alcohol Addiction and Drug Addiction

Have you felt wanting to have something so bad that you’re willing to do anything, even sell your soul, just to have that something? That’s how addicts experience whenever they are in the urge of their addiction. Scientifically speaking, addiction is the state of being abnormally dependent on some practice especially compulsive dependency on substances.

Drug addiction has been very much widespread in all countries all over the world. It would seem impractical to think that a country exists wherein no cases of drug addiction has happened. Drug addiction is a very critical problem in our society today. The destruction it has brought has been tremendous especially on the younger population. Nevertheless, drug dependency could inflict anyone, to different kinds of people. It will not be surprising if you find out that your very own physician is guilty of drug dependency. Drug addiction always starts somewhere. For some, it might be from taking prescription drugs minus the prescription. Various pain relievers have been culprits of drug addiction among many people. People use these drugs because they make them eliminate the pain in turn making them feel euphoric. The “heaven” of the “high” feeling makes it difficult to resist. “Once tasted, always wanted.”, as the saying goes. Likely the way things goes. The body’s system tolerates the drug making the person take in more to feel the euphoria. Then, the body unintentionally becomes dependent on the drug that it can no longer function properly without first taking in some dosage.

Alcoholism or alcohol addiction, on the other hand, is the state wherein the person is noticeably dependent on alcohol and this dependency is in a way ruining his health, social functioning, and family life. One sip per week can start the addiction as similar to people who gets addicted with drugs. Then it becomes a daily dosage until alcohol is taken as if it is water. Alcoholism may seem less severe than drug addiction but it is not. The effects are as detrimental as with drug addicts. Drug addiction may lead to hazardous behaviors such as crimes or jumping over a tall building as if the person could fly. Alcoholism, similarly, could lead to violence. An alcoholic father is more likely to hit his wife and children to death probably on a daily basis. As long as the person is not sober, an alcoholic is not safe to be with.

Alcohol addiction and drug addiction are considered mental illnesses because they are products of a dysfunctional mind due to the effects of the chemicals and toxins taken in by the body. Addiction is an issue of having to control one’s urges. People who have addictions are not able to control and control is a created by the mind. It is through mental processes that one can control his feelings and even urges. When one is suffering from addiction, he could not think appropriately thus he is not able to control his actions and behaviors. That’s why intoxicated dads hurt their little kids and that is why the boy who just sniffed 10 grams of pot is on his way to the top of the building to jump off because he thinks he could fly.

There are many reasons as to what causes addiction. Studies have found that genes could be accountable for alcoholism but it is just a possibility. The environment provides the triggering factors that could lead to its incidence. Traumatic experiences especially during childhood such as child neglect, could greatly contribute to the occurrence of either alcohol or drug addiction. People who have undergone severe trauma could most likely use alcohol or drugs as a means of getting out of the pain brought about by the unforgettable negative experience.

Alcohol addiction and drug addiction can always bring damage to anyone directly involved in the addiction.

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