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Drug Rehab and Amphetamines

Annually, amphetamines (such as Dexedrine and Benzedrine) are manufactured by the United States pharmaceutical industry in up to 8 to 10 billion doses. These drugs can be injected intravenously, and methamphetamine can be snorted or smoked, but most often these drugs are swallowed as pills. These drugs were initially introduced as antihistamines, but people soon recognized their stimulant effects. To battle with depression or chronic fatigue from overwork or simply to boost their self-confidence and energy is how amphetamines are used these days. They are also a component of diet drugs. As a final point, there are stimulants used to treat attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder in children such as Ritalin. Many doses of these drugs are diverted from prescription use to illegal use and abuse when they are supposed to be under the supervision of physicians. “Speed”, “meth”, and “chalk” are the popular names of amphetamines on the street.

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Fighting Drugs While Working Hard

Executive drug rehab, sounds so regal doesn’t it?. Placing executive at the head of the usual phrase drug rehab some how makes it sound very important. Most people don’t really understand what executive drug rehab is . A lot of people ask, is it an extra expensive drug rehab? Or, is that where the celebrities like Britney Spears go? The answer to any questions in this context is no. Executive drug rehab is not better quality just because of the name. Executive drug rehab is not for only the famous. All an executive drug rehab is, is a place for executives and CEOs of large companies with drug addictions to go to.

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Alcoholics Anonymous

In many of us, the term alcoholism seems not to have existed. Most often, people don’t think that there is such a thing. Drinking is considered a part of socialization in our society. One may say that everyone drinks, why call some alcoholics and others not? Just like drug use, alcohol may be abused. True, drinking alcohol is sort of a way of socializing, however, do you call the act of someone drinking five bottles of beer alone sitting on a couch and watching a lame t.v. show socializing? I don’t think so.

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All About Bipolar Disorder

Bipolar disorder is one of many conditions that are referred to as a depressive disorder. This kind of disorder has an effect on an individual’s brain functions. There are many reasons as to what causes this disorder. One’s early experiences, neural processes, and psychological processes are part of the few explanations that are known to cause bipolar disorder.

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Facts About Alcoholism in Women

The general image that comes to one’s mind when he/she encounters the word alcoholism is the image of a man. That’s a stigma of society that only men are capable of becoming alcoholics. However, the trend has changed and society has to admit the fact that today, more and more women are becoming the same as men to get addicted to alcohol. However, there’s still a particular stigma, a certain kind of toxic shame, about a woman and alcoholism — that promotes denial. It’s much more difficult for a woman to admit to alcoholism than it is for a man to admit to it. Therefore, the death rate from alcoholism, percentage-wise, on alcoholism in women is higher than it is in men who have alcoholism.

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