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Overeaters Anonymous

Do you sit on the couch with your best friend potato chips beside you as you cry out your heartache and bitterness in the world? There are times where we eat more than what our body needs. We eat not only to be full and to gratify our physical needs. More often, we eat because it makes us feel good for a moment. We eat because it is our way of running away from the negative emotions we feel. When we feel depressed, we eat. We use food as oursanctuary, a sort of security blanket amidst our insecurities towards the world.

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Heroin Dependence

The drug that is usually abused is heroin. It is a highly addictive drug taken from morphine, obtained from the opium poppy. It acts on the individual quickly, as fast as 3 to 6 seconds. It is a depressant drug. It affects the brain’s pleasure systems and disrupts the brain’s ability to perceive pain. With heroin, pain receptors of the brain are blocked, thus, the person is less likely to feel pain once he/she takes in the drug.

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The Small City of Crank

We open our scene in a quiet remote and dusty desert mining town. It’s a boom town and right now it’s in a lull. But the work continues day and night. There are about eighteen thousand folks living in this town. Enough people to keep a few schools operating and plenty of Wal-Marts. And just enough people to mask a significantly large crystal meth operation.

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Center Meets the Street: Community center and other LGBT groups working through funding pains (Metro Weekly)

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News: The Center, the area’s LGBT community center, is about to trade its third-floor perch above 14th and L Streets NW for a new home at street level. David Mariner, executive director of The Center, announced Monday, Dec. 14, that the organization will soon move into two adjacent buildings previously owned by Whitman-Walk Clinic and sold to JBG Properties in 2008. Under WWC, one building …

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